I want / to be flooded with beauty. -GABRIELA MISTRAL, tr. by LANGSTON HUGHES


I founded The Pick-Me-Up Press in response to COVID-19, as a means of maintaining connection in a time of forced isolation. After leaving my job as a teaching artist, past students and I began flooding local hospitals, care facilities, and nursing homes with hand-printed art, poetry, and letters, as a way of serving our belief that we’re all in this thing together. Together is all we have.

If you’d like to support our continued endeavors to stay connected, I hope you’ll purchase a print in my shop by clicking the button below.

I’ll be adding prints to the shop regularly, and I also take special requests. If you see a print you’d like to purchase on my website that’s not listed in the shop, or would like to chat about commissioning a one-of-a-kind print, please get in touch!

As you’ll notice in my shop, every print available for sale has been priced using the “Name-Your-Price” option. While I’ve included a suggested price that’s been calculated by adding the cost of my materials to the labor expended, I understand that everybody’s economic circumstances are different. Art should never exist in the world solely as a luxury afforded to the wealthy. It should be accessible, it should be shared, and it should be spread like wildflower seeds. My hope for this experiment is that you will help me make that possible. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. Wishing you a most pleasant browse!


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