The Lewis School

Aside from my work in the studio and garden these past few months, I’ve also been working with Connor to restore a historic one-room schoolhouse in Northern Michigan. 

The school was built in 1905, taught in ’til 1960, and purchased by us in 2020. 

While the eventual goal is to make the schoolhouse our primary residence, we also have plans to reopen a portion of the schoolhouse and the surrounding property as a local hub of learning. 

We hope you’ll tune in for the schoolhouse news every week as we attempt to restore this rural icon. In addition to restoration updates, we’ll be posting tales of local lore and schoolhouse history.

If you would like to support us as we race against winter to re-roof, insulate, and wire the place, we appreciate every spare penny you may have!  All donors will receive a special package of hand-selected prints and treasures in gratitude for their generosity. 

Pictured Above: Connor, Trotsky, me, and the partially painted Lewis School
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